1. Minimal age for renting a car in Moldova is 23 years.

2. The hirer must own a driving license B category and at least 3 years of driving experience.

3. The documents that the hirer will need to rent a car is passport and driving license. We also accept international driving licenses, european license and USA license etc.


1. The agreement is concluded for a minimal period of 48 hours (2 days, starting at the time of signing the agreement till the next day at the same time). The hirer shall at the expiry of the term, return the car to the agreed rental location stipulated in the contract. In case of exceeding the agreement for one hour the hirer pays 5 euro, the next 2-3 hours is calculated as an entire day of rent (the price for a day is shown on this website)

2. Exceeding the delivery term of hire for more than 4 hours, without owner’s knowledge, owner may report the car as stolen to the Police.

3. The hirer must pay to the owner the entire sum for the rent and the deposit of 100 euro. The payment shall be in MDL at national bank of Moldova’s rates of that day. The deposit is entirely refundable at the end of the rental agreement.

4. It is possible to pay by bank transfer.

5. The hirer is responsible for the keys, documents and accessories of the hired car, in case of their loss.

6. The pick up/dropp off of the car at the airport or any address in the city, at the hirer’s request is 10 euro during the day and 20 euro during the night

7. The renter shall pay all traffic and/or parking fees/tickets during the rental agreement.

8. The booster seat, GPS navigator and additional driver are paid additional by the renter (3 euro per day)


1. The renter must book online the car 48 hours before picking up the car.

2. The email that you get after online booking is NOT a confirmation. We check the car’s availability, after what we answer you by phone or internet.

3. The booking is confirmed for a car group, not a certain model.

4. Booking’s modification/cancellation must be at least 24 hours before your specified pick-up time.


1. To respect the road traffic regulation in Republic of Moldova.

2. Use of the hired car according to fabricant.

3. It’s forbidden to sub let or hire the car to another person.

4. The renter must drive the car only on public roads, asphalted, non-dirty to avoid driving on any surface likely to damage the vehicle.

5. The renter shall, at or before the expiry of the rental agreement return the vehicle to the agreed rental location, in the same condition as it was collected, clean inside/outside.

6. It is forbidden to operate the car for taxi, commercial activities, speed test, rally or contest.

7. If the car needs any reparations or it breaks down, the hirer shall notify the owner immediately by phone. If the car is involved in any accident, the renter shall notify the police and the owner.
8. It is forbidden to transport with the rented car any explosive or/and inflammable material, as well as more persons than it’s permitted. The lessee takes the responsibility for all the consequences that may occur if transferring the car to a third person. If the lessee violates the road traffic rules he must pay all related penalties.
In case of car theft the lessee must compensate the damage if don‘t return the car keys and registration documents to the renter.

1. The owner should supply the car in a safe and roadworthy condition, according to current standards.
2. The owner shall verify the validity of the hirer’s documents.

The renter shall return the vehicle with the same amount of petrol as delivered. In case of every missing liter of fuel the renter shall pay 1 euro.
1. The vehicle is covered with RCA insurance , in case of an accident, it covers the damage that is not the renter’s fault , as well as theft of the vehicle.
IMPORTANT : During the night, the car must be parked in a garage or an authorized parking lot. The insurance does not cover:
– The scratches caused by tree branches while driving.
– Driving under alcohol or/and drugs influence.
– Driving without respecting the traffic laws of Republic of Moldova

2. Additional insurances are paid separately at the renter’s request.